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    Can/t wait til the reunion!!! It will be great to see you. How long a drive is it from Newark Airport. I have not been there in 20 years at least!
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    Of course I remember you. Who were the other girls you hung around with who also came to see the band. Wasn't one of them named Donna? Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the history stuff and please post your pictures when you get a chance. It's so great and very flattering to see how many people enjoyed listening to us.

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    Reply from NANCYNJGARTER:

    Hi Derek,
    I thought you would remember me but hey you never know!

    Donna, Debbie and I came to see Trigger. We hung out with the Staten Island guys as well as Kim and some of the Garter employees. I still see Dotty every so often. She got married and has a son. If only we had pictures I am sure we would remember many faces!

    I am so loving the story telling you are doing. Learning alot about the band that I didn't know. Kim fills me in on who is who as far as people you are talking about and other people on web.

    I got married and am living down the shore. I never had kids but have my husband and dog & that is enough. I keep in touch with Kim and Penny (who married George Carroll Staten Island and now is divorced from). Tom Bruno lives by me but I didn't recognize him when I saw him and of course I haven't seen him since.

    Kim told me you have 3 boys. Wow they must keep you busy. Saw some pictures of you guys she had recently and it definitely brough back some fond memories. I play the songs on the Trigger website and it feels like yesterday. To be that young again.....

    Well keep on writing and hurry up with the next episode!!

    Talk to you soon and will work on getting pics posted!